Camino de Santiago de Chile

October 26, 2008 - Leave a Response

And so, after a long wait, in an ordinary morning of an ordinary day,  I put the luggage on the motorcycle,  met my friends, and for the adventure we went on. 

I decided not to fear the challenges but to confront them … 
I decided to see every problem as a solution to be found … 
I decided to see each desert as a presage to an oasis …
I decided to see each night as a mystery to decipher … 
I decided to see each day as a new opportunity to be happy to see magnificent sceneries and to live moments the uninitiated cannot even imagine…

On the journey, I discovered that our only rival was not the unknown but our own limitation  and to face them was the best, and actually, the only way to defeat them.  

On the journey, we found out we were not the best on anything and probably never had been. I stopped worrying about who wins or who loses,  now I just care about doing the best I can. 

I learned that to get up there is not as difficult as not trying to climb.  I learned that the greatest triumph is to be able to call someone “friend”.  I learned that love is more than just a state of being enamored,  love is a philosophy of life that helps us overcome the challenges by sharing them. 

On the journey, I stopped being a mere reflection of my past real or imaginary successes and began to be a light on my own.  And I learned that our light is of no use if we don´t  brighten the path of others.

After the journey, I decided to change so many things.
I learned that dreams exist to become reality. 
And since then I don´t sleep to rest … 

Now I simply sleep to dream!


Text: José Maria (free adaption of Internet text)
Pictures: Members of HOG Chapter Campinas
Photos and text of a journey on Harley-Davidson motorcycles to Santiago (Chile) by a group of friends of Campinas / SP / Brazil, crossing the frigid Andes mountains, a journey of over 5,000 miles in 23 days (october/november 2008).